Almirall is pleased to invite you to the online MS Experts’ Summit 2020 continuous medical education course, named this year
e-MS Experts’ Summit 2020 season. This edition consists of streamed weekly sessions with Q&A. The sessions will be streamed
on Wednesdays at 18:00, for a total of 7 weeks. The sessions will begin on June the 10th with a special session on COVID-19 and
MS patients.

The programme has been designed to bring in a panel of relevant international MS experts. This edition will cover the challenges and novelties associated with the management of MS, with a holistic multidisciplinary approach, including the MS symptoms area.

We do hope you will be able to join us!

Did you miss an interesting lecture? No problem:
Here you can watch selected sessions again on video.





WEEK 1: June 10th, Wednesday, 18h

Opening of the e-MS Experts‘ Summit 2020 Season:
C. Kleinschnitz, chairman (Essen, Germany)

Inaugural live streamed session
“MS and COVID19, present and future: MS healthcare professionals and people with MS perspectives”

Multiple Sclerosis assessment throughout COVID-19 time
L. Lavorgna (Napoli, Italy)

COVID19 and people with MS
C. Thalheim, European MS Platform patients’ association (EMSP)

Keep Moving with Multiple Sclerosis: Exercise and Physical Activity in MS during and after COVID-19
P. Van Asch (Belgium)

WEEK 2: June 17th, Wednesday, 18h

MRI imaging in MS, an update: diagnostic criteria and techniques
M.P. Wattjes (Hannover, Germany)

MS Spasticity management guidelines
G. Comi (Milan, Italy)

WEEK 3: June 24th, Wednesday, 18h

Country break-out sessions

SPAIN: Spasticity-related symptoms and quality of life
P. Montero (Madrid, Spain)

ITALY: Daily management of MS Symptoms
G. Lus (Naples, Italy)

GERMANY: The legal framework for medicinal use of cannabinoids
M.A. Überall (Nuremberg, Germany)

OTHER COUNTRIES: Biomarkers in MS: neurofilament light chain in serum or plasma
J. Kuhle (Basel, Switzerland)

WEEK 4: July 1st, Wednesday, 18h

Risk of secondary progressive MS
B. Van Wijmeersch (Overpelt, Belgium)

Cannabinoids: medical use
R. Maldonado (Barcelona, Spain)

WEEK 5: July 8th, Wednesday, 18h

The influence of physiotherapy intervention on patients with MS spasticity
C. Pozzilli (Rome, Italy)

Who cares? The role of nurses in the management of MS patients
H. Schreiber (Ulm, Germany)

WEEK 6: September 9th, Wednesday, 18h

How can digital technology help provide holistic patient care?
C. Clancy (Beats Medical, Lisbon, Portugal), J. Shull (Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Barcelona, Spain), C. Ulmann (Almirall, Barcelona, Spain)

Treatment goals in MS – is NEDA achievable with our drugs?
M. Maurer (Würzburg, Germany)

WEEK 7: September 16th, Wednesday, 18h

European MS Registries
M. Magyari (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Closure of the e-MS Experts‘ Summit 2020 Season: Key take home messages
C. Kleinschnitz, chairman (Essen, Germany)

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